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Return Policy

Customer shall conduct a prompt inspection of merchandise to determine order accuracy, count and condition. Any claim of inaccurate product, short count, defect, or any other reasonable cause, shall be waived by Customer unless made in writing within ten (10 ) calendar days from the date of receipt of merchandise. Upon notification of such claim by Customer, GBO will provide instructions for the return of the merchandise. Items returned must be unused, in original condition and in original boxes. Under no circumstances will clearance items, specialty orders, or high volume, discounted bulk items be accepted for return. Upon receipt and determination by GBO, in its sole discretion, that the returned merchandise is non-conforming, GBO will issue a credit to the Customer less a 20% restocking fee. In the event any used bottles are returned, specifically those containing odor, and the unused bottles in same packaging are contaminated, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.